“Leading lady Vanderbeck, the incandescent Scenie-winning Marion The Librarian of PCPA’s The Music Man, is everything an Oklahoma! fan could wish for in a Laurey Williams, a role that could easily be played (like Marion) as your average, everyday ingenue, but in Vanderbeck’s hands reveals layer upon layer of hopes, dreams, frustrations, and repressed desires.” -STEVEN STANLEY (Stage Scene LA) Full Article.

"Jackie Vanderbeck is equally excellent as farm girl Laurey, and she conveys her in a way that perfectly mixes the character’s fierce independence and loving tenderness.  Walker and Vanderbeck have a natural and easy chemistry, and their ability to convey love - even while they are bickering - makes Curly and Laurey an easy couple to root for."- BLAKE HARPER (Santa Barbara Independent) Full Article.

"Vanderbeck immediately asserts her character as a strong young woman who won’t be easily wooed by chaps and a swagger and displays a singing voice that equals Walker’s in strength, clarity, and welcoming timbre.  The two banter back and forth with jobes and melodies alike, truly owning the show from the outset.” ~JOE PAYNE (Santa Maria Sun) Full Article

My Fair Lady


Directed by Michael McKelvey, this production stars a newcomer, Jackie Vanderbeck,  in the pivotal role of Eliza. Having never performed in New Orleans, there were questions about her abilities to carry off this large and heavy part. One needs not only to be a fine singer and able to hit some rather extraordinarily high notes, but the very nature of the role requires a transformation into a woman of extreme beauty and whose countenance captures all who survey her.  Any doubts as to her abilities are soon dispelled with the very first song she sings “Wouldn’t It Be Loverly?” In addition to a lovely voice, she has the bold and brassy moves needed to keep up with Professor Henry Higgins, played by Christopher Carey, the dashing leading man of so many previous Summer Lyric performances. ~ALAN SMASON, WYES-TV Theatre Critic (“Steppin’ Out“) Full Article

The Belle of Amherst

“Vanderbeck gives tour-de-force performance as Dickinson here.  From her entrance, when she announces, “My sister Lavinia says I tend to wander back and forth in time,” until her exit, answering an off-stage call for assistance, Vanderbeck assumes the poet’s mantle.  She invests the stream-of-conscious script- “The heart wants what it wants”; “It is easier to look behind at a pain than to see it coming”; “The soul selects her own society”; -with wholehearted commitment.” 4 Stars ~JIM CARNES (The Sacramento Bee)

“Jackie Vanderbeck potrays this fiercely private, independent woman with a delicate yet fiery touch.  Vanderbeck carefully depicts the poet’s eccentricities, as well as her independent thinking; she’s a joy to watch as she paints a complex portrait of Dickinson...She relies on subtle nuances rather than quirky tics that so many actors turn to when embodying someone who was a self-described social oddball as well as a literary genius.” ~PATTI ROBERTS (Sacramento News and Review) Full Article.

“In Spite of the long history of “The Belle of Amherst,” the production that opened at the Sacramento Theatre Company felt fresh, alive and welcoming.  Much of this is due to the performance of Sacramento native Jackie Vanderbeck, who portrays Dickinson....She does convey the feeling that you, the audience member, are a dear friend and confidant...It is true that there are a lot of words here, both prose and poetry.  Vanderbeck’s delivery is smooth and flawless.” ~BILL BURGUA (Sacramento Press) Full Article.

“Actress Jackie Vanderbeck, who in real life is rather pretty, undergoes a transformation to play Emily Dickinson, who regarded herself as “plain.” Vanderbeck ties her dark hair in a tight bun, and wraps her slender figure in a long dress, so you only see her head and hands....Vanderbeck’s portrayal captures the complexity of Dickinson...And Jackie Vanderbeck handles Dickinson’s words lovingly as she speaks them, pausing to savor the sound.” ~JEFF HUDSON (Capital Public Radio) Full Article.

The Music Man

“Finally, starring in the role of Marian is the absolutely divine Miss Vanderbeck. From her very first entrance, I knew I was discovering a true musical theater star.  Vanderbeck is beautiful, she’s got a gorgeous soprano, she acts with depth, and she possesses a radiant star quality.  And darned if she’s not New York-based, which means it may well be a while before I have the joy of seeing her on stage again.  Vanderbeck brings an edge to the role that not every Marian can pull off.  Even if you swear you never want to see another Music Man, Go see this one just for Jackie Vanderbeck.” ~STEVEN STANLEY (Stage Scene LA) Full Article. 

“With a stellar voice, Vanderbeck belts out songs like “Till There Was You” and “Goodnight, My Someone,” revealing the vulnerability thawing under her cold-as-ice facade.” ~SHELLY CONE (Santa Maria Sun) Full Article. 

“The town librarian, Marian, who captivates Harold Hill, is played by Jackie Vanderbeck.  In this version Marion is beautiful, with flowing tresses and elegant, filmy dresses.  Vanderbeck also has a gorgeous voice, and her rendition of  “Till There Was You” is a high point of the show.  Vanderbeck’s voice is perfect for the love songs and duets with Philpot.’ ~JOAN CROWDER (San Luis Obispo Tribune) Full Article. 


“A moody tone cycles through the rich music and introspective lyrics, matched by the fine singing throughout, particularly Vanderbeck and Glass.  While the ensemble is solid and effective, the production can be mesmerizing when it’s woman protagonist command the stage...Vanderbeck’s wan, manipulative, black-clad Fosca somehow makes inevitable Georgio’s capitulation to her obsessiveness.” -MARCUS CROWDER (The Sacramento Bee) Full Article. 

“Vanderbeck is on top of her game as Fosca.” -JEFF HUDSON (News and  Review) Full Article

It's A Wonderful Life

Jackie Vanderbeck’s lithe, resilient Mary, with her lucid soprano voice, compliments Lee’s George, and two have a welcome chemistry that fortifies the production.” -MARCUS CROWDER (The Sacramento Bee) Full Article. 

“Vanderbeck is spectacular, perfect wife to George, as self-sacrificing as he is, and the actress has a gorgeous voice to boot.” ~BEV SYKES (Davis Enterprise) Full Article

You're A Good Man Charlie Brown

“Jackie Vanderbeck’s Sally is very funny and in motion non-stop.  She is able to effectively play the role written for Kristin Chenoweth for the recent revival without copying her squeaky voice and mannerisms.”  ~SCOTT CAIN (Talkin 

“I’ve seen several Standouts:...Jackie Vanderbeck, hysterical as Sally, Charlie’s sister.” ~RICK PENDER (CityBeat)

Jackie Vanderbeck does have the focus and the needed fire in the belly.  She delivers Sally’s big solo “My New Philosophy” as the croud-pleaser it is." ~JACKIE DEMALINE (Cincinnati Enquirer)

Cyrano de Bergerac

Backing John Pribyl (Cyrano) up are strong performances by Jackie Vanderbeck as the lovely (thought a bit dense in the voice-recognition department) Roxane. ~PATTI ROBERTS (News and Review) Full Article

“Vanderbeck is lovely Roxanne, swept away by the eloquence of Cyrano’s words, which she feels are coming from Christian, only to realize, much too late, that the man with whom she has been in love for so many years is really Cyrano.” ~BEV SYKES (Davis Enterprise) Full Article.

A Christmas Carol

“Barry Hubbard and Jackie Vanderbeck make a marvelous team playing Mr. and Mrs. Cratchit...Hubbard and Vanderbeck evoke sympathy and compassion in the audience...” ~KRISSY HOIST (Sacramento Press) Full Article

“Jackie Vanderbeck has fine turns as both Mrs. Fezziwig and Mrs.Cratchit”  -MARCUS CROWDER (The Sacramento Bee) Full Article.